Your Child’s Stomach is the Size of Their Fist

Your child's stomach

Toddlers need two to three small snacks a day, along with three meals.

• Use small toddler size cups, dishes and silverware to help them learn to feed themselves
• Toddlers need two to three healthy snacks a day – make them part of the daily routine at home and at childcare
• Snacks aren’t just for treats!

Toddlers have very small stomachs – just the size of their fist! They need to eat about 2 small snacks a day and their 3 meals, to get the vitamins they need. Avoid making snack time “treat” time by making sure that snacks are healthy – fruits, vegetables, yogurt are all good choices.

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This and other exclusive tips from the Ohio Chapter, American Academy of Pediatrics are shared via Bloomz, the app connecting parents and educators everywhere. Want to get them on your phone? Invite your child’s teacher, coach or care provider to sign up for a free Bloomz account.


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