Growth and Development

Who says the TWO’S have to be TERRIBLE?

Terrible Twos

You can help them be TERRIFIC

  • Toddlers are growing in body and mind, which means they often want things their way.
  • Toddlers have their own ideas about how things should go and don’t like to hear “NO”!
  • Everyday activities, like going to bed or having meals, can become a struggle.

As babies start to develop into toddlers, there are tests and frustrations for them and you. Understanding that your toddler is becoming their own person with their own ideas can go a long way in avoiding meltdowns. But keep in mind that meltdowns are going to happen! Meltdowns are an opportunity to teach your child, but you must keep calm yourself first. There is no learning or understanding when they are screaming – but a hug can work magic!

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