Growth and Development

The “Magic of Everyday Moments”

The magic of every day moments

Your preschooler is growing quickly. Everyday moments can show you how much they have learned.

  • Learning, thinking and problem solving are key areas of growth for preschoolers.
  • Playing make-believe, doing puzzles with more pieces, being able to count and spot numbers, shows growth and makes you proud.
  • Drawing a person and copying figures are good ways to see if your preschooler is on track.

The development of the preschoolers “cognitive” skills – that’s learning, thinking, and problem solving – is very fast from ages 3 to 5. No special items are needed to help – just your attention and using the “magic of everyday moments.” Talk about the colors of your child’s clothes as they dress in the morning. Count steps up and steps down, which they should be able to do one at a time. When reading to your child, ask them to guess what comes next in the story. Or ask your child to find letters in signs. Your preschooler wants to please you and will be happy playing these games with you.

This and other exclusive tips from the Ohio Chapter, American Academy of Pediatrics are shared via Bloomz, the app connecting parents and educators everywhere. Want to get them on your phone? Invite your child’s teacher, coach or care provider to sign up for a free Bloomz account.


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