Creative Play & Physical Activity

Play Pretend With Your Child

play pretend with your child

It helps build words and ideas, while showing your child you love them

  • Pretend play helps build words and ideas.
  • When toddlers pretend with objects – a block becomes a phone or a bowl becomes a hat – they learn the world of make believe.

Physical activity and pretend play turn on many parts of the brain. You can support your child’s natural desire to grow and learn by playing and reading together every day. Toddlers love to play with words and hear the same story over and over. This activity is building their brain!

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This and other exclusive tips from the Ohio Chapter, American Academy of Pediatrics are shared via Bloomz, the app connecting parents and educators everywhere. Want to get them on your phone? Invite your child’s teacher, coach or care provider to sign up for a free Bloomz account.


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