Help Your Child Be a Healthy Eater

Help your child be a healthy eater

You choose the food, and your child should choose the amount

• Your role in helping your child be a healthy eater is to provide healthy foods.
• Your child’s role is to choose from the healthy foods offered and to choose how much they eat.
• Toddlers should be offered milk with meals and water in between meals
• Juice should be limited if offered at all

Toddlers have the ability to control their food intake. They may choose to eat more or less at each meal. But over a day, the number of calories they take in stays about the same. This is why it is important not to use food as a reward or to overly encourage a toddler to eat. Toddlers can also take in too many calories by drinking sweetened beverages or juice. Lowfat milk and water are BEST!

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