Want baby to sleep peacefully? Routine is key.


  • At the first sign of sleepiness, try to put your baby to sleep.
  • Babies who put themselves to sleep at bedtime can put themselves back to sleep more easily when they wake up at night.
  • Consider a pacifier when baby sleeps.

Getting your baby to sleep is the most important early routine, and you are the key to its success. When your baby is young, you should watch for signs of sleepiness and at the first sign, try to get your baby to sleep. If you put your baby to bed when they start to get tired but still awake, they will eventually learn to put themselves to sleep, which means they can more easily put themselves back to sleep for some of their night waking. Babies who sleep on their backs wake up regularly, but it’s a good thing and it protects from SIDS, just like pacifiers can. Waiting a few minutes before responding to your baby’s fussing can help them learn to comfort themselves or go back to sleep on their own.

To find more information, check out:

American Academy of Pediatrics. (2011). Getting Your Baby to Sleep. Retrieved from Getting Your Baby to Sleep

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