Early Literacy

Using the magic of everyday fun to create learning


  • Toddlers often have strong ideas about what they want to do, and you should do the things they want to do with them.
  • Following your toddler’s lead helps them become smart.
  • Talking, singing, and pretending with your toddler are great for their development.
  • Screens like TV’s or tablets should only be used for high-quality programming, and you need to watch or play together with your toddler.

Toddlers have strong ideas about what they want to do, and when. This could be that they don’t want to read right now, or it could be that they want to read the same book all day, every day. Either way, you should encourage your child and participate in what they want to do. Ask them about their play. If they want to read, great! You can ask them what toys they are playing with and what they are pretending as positive ways to keep learning language and developing outside of reading. Pointing and naming objects and singing are other ways to continue learning. You should choose screen time for your toddler that is high-quality and educational. They should not be using media by themselves. You need to be watching and talking with them.

To find more information, check out:

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This and other exclusive tips from the Ohio Chapter, American Academy of Pediatrics are shared via Bloomz, the app connecting parents and educators everywhere. Want to get them on your phone? Invite your child’s teacher, coach or care provider to sign up for a free Bloomz account.

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