Early Literacy

The 5R’s: let’s do it at school and home!


  • The 5 R’s: Reading, Rhyming, Building Routines, Rewards, and Building Relationships.

By using the 5 R’s of early education, families can help develop their toddler’s learning skills and create healthy habits that will last a lifetime. Reading is a great fun, daily activity that can help your toddler get ready for school. Rhyming helps make links for your toddler, and can be used in both reading and other daily activities, like playing, talking, and singing. Routines help toddlers understand what will happen when, and therefore learn what is expected of them around those times. Building routines around meals, play time, and sleep lead to success. Rewards encourage success, especially for effort towards a goal like helping. Praise from you is one of the best rewards a child can get. Relationships that are caring are important to early brain development. Reading, rhyming, and routines are all fun ways to start toddlers on the road to learn. Each on its own way supports the relationship that is vital to early brain growth and will make your child who they are supposed to be!

To find more information, check out:

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This and other exclusive tips from the Ohio Chapter, American Academy of Pediatrics are shared via Bloomz, the app connecting parents and educators everywhere. Want to get them on your phone? Invite your child’s teacher, coach or care provider to sign up for a free Bloomz account.

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