Early Literacy

R is for Reading


  • Reading helps your toddler begin learning how to talk and help how they feel about themselves.
  • Sitting down to read helps prepare your toddler for school.
  • Reading provides toddlers something to become familiar with and enjoy.

Between 12 and 24 months old, your toddler will begin doing more with the books you have been reading together. They might hold the book, turn it right side up, and bring them to you to read. Beginning to ask questions about the books will also help your toddler become familiar with certain objects or words. Simple and pointed questions like, “Where’s the dog?” will help your toddler master some words and concepts, as well as creating patterns and enjoy reading. Spending one-on-one time reading with your toddler increases their self-confidence and reminds them how special they are to you. This is what makes reading an important part of brain development.

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