Early Literacy

Playing, sharing, and learning can be done through books

enthusiastic books.png

  • As your 2-year-old gets older, they can repeat phrases, words, and even tell you more about the book they want to read.
  • You can count pictures.
  • You can ask questions about characters, feelings, or things that are like one another in the book.
  • When you read with enthusiasm, it encourages your toddler to get excited about books and learning.

When reading with your 2-year-old, it’s important to be asking more questions about what they are reading. If you ask about how a character feels, maybe ask your child if they have ever felt that way. This helps them develop their emotions. Counting objects that are similar or asking your child to name pictures are other ways to get more involved with reading. This type of involvement in the reading can make it easier to read the same book day after day. When you use different voices for different characters and show your child that you enjoy reading, it teaches them that they should be excited about it too. Having quiet time to read before bed time also gets toddlers ready for the sitting and listening needed in school.

To find more information, check out: American Academy of Pediatrics. (2015). Sharing Books With Your 2-Year-Old. Books Build Connections Toolkit. Retrieved from Sharing Books with Your 2 Year Old

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