Early Literacy

No “screens” for baby except face time or video chat with family along with teacher or parent

  • Read board or cloth books, books with baby faces, or nursery rhymes.
  • Point and name things.
  • Make eye contact and play games like peek-a-boo or pat-a-cake. The first year of life is an important learning time for baby.

They are learning by seeing, hearing, and feeling. Your baby loves the sound of your voice and seeing your face. By playing with you, they can begin to learn what sounds go together and eventually associate those sounds with objects. This is why reading and pointing and naming are important. Toys should be safe and durable but fun. When it comes to using media, your baby should only use it with you so that you can talk and teach as well as having media. Video-chatting with parents is a great media use for babies because they love hearing voices and seeing faces.

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