Working together with your toddler is the key to easy discipline

Routine and Connect.png

  • Support your toddler by understanding how they are feeling and helping them learn about emotions.
  • After a tantrum or difficult time, reconnect with your toddler by doing an activity that you have enjoyed together in the past.
  • Caring relationships build healthy, strong brains and emotional health.

Remember that the word discipline means to teach, and teaching your child about their emotions and working with each other is a great basis for discipline. You can encourage working together with your baby in everyday moments, like spending loving time together, talking about feelings, and distracting and focusing on something else during times of strong emotions. During this time, you can expect your baby to be fussy. Being clear about behavior you want, making routines and structure, using limits without being too strict, and giving choices that are good for your baby’s age are good ways to teach your child about working with you. Be a role model, and show the behavior you want your toddler to have. After a hard time, like a tantrum or meltdown, connect with your toddler by doing something you have enjoyed doing in the past. Returning to a happy moment is a good way to build your relationship.

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